Galinco - Pure Indulgence

Who we are and what we stand for

GALINCO is a world-class food and beverage company from the Philippines.

Our products include delightful cookies, easy-to -bake pre-mixes, and refreshing milk tea. These are made from the finest ingredients, in our state-of-art facilities, and based on recipes developed by our experienced professional food and beverage specialists.

From the time we set out to introduce our first cookie product in 1996, our founder has always believed that the key to success is products that delight the Consumer – hence our first cookie brand “Chips Delight”.

Through the years, our high-quality products are being enjoyed all over the Philippines; as well as being exported to various countries.

The cornerstone values for our successful track record as a world-class organization are:

  • Focus on delighting our Consumers
  • Innovation
  • Non-compromising standards of quality.
  • Development of our Human Capital
  • Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Who we value

Focus on Delighting our Consumers

Our primary goal is for our Consumers to enjoy our products.

Our Consumers deserve our unrelenting commitment, dedication, and performance.

With our every product, we aim to impart the warmth that comes with foods and drinks prepared with a mother’s love and care.


Ours is a lean organization that encourages innovation and creativity in delivering delightful food and beverage products.

Our people are encouraged to “think outside the box” and be bold in venturing new ideas to expand and improve what we offer to our Consumers.

We do not stop challenging accepted norms and standards. We welcome change, improvements and differences.

Non Compromising Standards of Quality

Our reputation for high-quality products results from a deeply entrenched culture of excellence, and supported by concrete programs and practices.

Great Tasting, Freshness, Good Nutritional Value, Consistency, Safe. These are not just words to us. They are a way of life and form part of our definition of Quality.

Development of our Human Capital

Our most important asset is our People.

We believe in optimizing the contribution of our People based on their talents and experiences. We develop and empower our People so they can reach their full potentials within our organization.

Career advancement is premised on objective measurement of performance and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

We work as a team in pursuit of a common vision and objectives.

Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Our group has been embracing corporate social responsibility from the early years of our existence. Our chosen area of focus has been education.

Over the years, we have donated numerous school buildings in less-privileged rural Philippines.

Looking forward, we aim to expand our corporate social responsibility program, and continue to share the fruits of our success with the wider community.